Time is money, and money is something more than time...
Edgar Allan Poe

Our strategy

The core business of the company is the identification of interesting investment projects that require external financial support. We seek to support small companies with annual gross income up to 10 million zlotys, recognized for their position and reputation on a given market, which, thanks to received financial means, will be able to unlock their potential for growth. This kind of companies are provided with essential current fundings and investment capital as well as with business support. We invest by taking over shares or stocks but we do not interfere with the direct management of the company. The control over investments is exerted through our representatives in Supervisory Boards, whose task is also to maintain current contacts with Boards of Directors. Upon employing its capital in a given project, Swisspol Capital requires supervision over the project, which will enable the monitoring of all the activities of a company.

On signing the investment agreement Swisspol Capital usually holds the following rights:
  • the right understood as Swisspol Capital's influence on the choice of an external auditor on controlling the company by Swisspol Capital;
  • the right of appointing Swisspol Capital's representatives to the management of the company; apart from a representative in the Supervisory Board most often it is a member of the Board, that is Financial Director;
  • the right of approving annual and long-term strategic and financial programs of the company,
  • the possibility of acquiring and holding the capital share enabling the control of changes in the company's ownership laws.
The return-on-investment rates expected by Swisspol Capital constitute circa 30% per year. Divestiture is carried out through the sale of shares to the strategic investor or introducing the company onto the regulated stock market.

On taking a decision about the cooperation with a financial investor such as Swisspol Capital LLC, a potential entrepreneur must answer the following questions:
  • will I be able to submit the potential investor a detailed business plan?
  • will I be able to accept the loss of a part of control over my company?
  • will I be able to consult with the investor key decisions crucial to the further development of the company?
  • will I be able to reveal all company's secrets to the potential investor before any transaction takes place?
  • will I be able to submit all the reports and statements required by the investor?