Time is money, and money is something more than time...
Edgar Allan Poe


Due to all sorts of factors many companies undergo financial difficulties that may arise from inappropriate structure of financing, e.g. too low a level of own resources, which often leads to trouble raising the loan capital. Company difficulties may also arise from the underestimation of costs, over-optimistic forecasts of sales, or overinvestment, i.e. too big a number of fixed assets in proportion to feasible gross receipts. In such situations the Board of Directors and shareholders of the company in trouble can decide on the restructuring of the company in collaboration with the financial investor. Upon making a decision to subsidize companies that contend with the problem of too high indebtedness or too low a level of own capital, we try to optimize the structure of financing. The program of financial restructuring is based on subsidizing the company to such a level that it can regain credit credibility that will allow to use another sources of financing.