Time is money, and money is something more than time...
Edgar Allan Poe

Good practices rules

  • Swisspol Capital's objective is a financial support of small and medium enterprises that possess a considerable potential for development. The above activity is carried out in a responsible and professional way while a long-term increase in the value of portfolio companies remains the main purpose. The activities of Swisspol Capital PLC are not of short-term profiteering character.
  • Swisspol Capital PLC promotes and cares for appropriate ethical standards, acting honestly both towards companies seeking financial support and the owners of these companies.
  • Swisspol Capital PLC never reveals any confidential information acquired either during negotiations with potential portfolio companies or during possible further cooperation with these companies.
  • One of the essential requirements towards the managers of companies subsidized by Swisspol Capital PLC is their honesty towards business partners, reporting lucidity and absolute compliance with the law.
  • All people employed by Swisspol Capital PLC are obliged to carry out their duties and tasks in an honest and professional way as well as not to derive any personal benefits except for the ones included in their agreements with Swisspol Capital PLC.
  • Swisspol Capital PLC aims at partnership with other co-owners of portfolio companies, respects laws of minority owners as well clearly defines its own proprietary strategy towards portfolio companies.
  • Swisspol Capital PLC fully informs and reports to its shareholders by submitting regular statements and periodical financial reports.